Daytime Book Group and Cyber Vulnerabilities

Cordially invites the membership and guests for lunch. Steve Marcy, Cyber Technologist will 
speak on cyber vulnerabilities.

Cyber security is an extremely important issue and we all need to be prepared.  It is a community concern as well as state-wide and national.  Steve Marcy will give us a great overview on this cyber problem.  Paul Kuhl will discuss the problem of up front and personal fraud.  The Central Coast could be isolated in an extreme emergency – how will this affect us?

When: Thursday, June 15, 2017
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Place: Trattoria Uliveto
 284 Broadway Street, Orcutt, CA
Cost: $26.00, tax and tip included


This presentation, about Cyber Security, was most informative and interesting.  For many Baby Boomers, those of us who grew up with record players, b&w tv, big cars, rotary telephones, well, we have had to learn so much over these past 30 yrs as we transitioned to CDs, DVDs, Video Players, Cell Phones, iPhones (computers in phones!), Computers, Laptop Computers, Tablets.   And we grew up with such a strong sense of protection, from invasions of any kind … that to find ourselves in the world of ever changing Technology, Social Media, Identity Theft, Hacking … we find ourselves lost in trying to understand and to keep up with what we need to do to protect ourselves and to prevent loss of information or photos or music or books or business records or reputations or our children’s world or … or … or.   Things are changing so quickly, and threats that used to be small have become global and multifocal.

Steve Marcy gave us a great introduction into what is happening in Cyber Security now, what we need to do to protect ourselves, how we are vulnerable, how to monitor what’s happening with our children, and what we may need to be careful of in the future.  He stressed the need to update, expand, and change passwords often, especially with respect to financial matters online, and the need to keep anti-virus software up to date.  He also said to be very careful when downloading information from the internet, saving information, backing up your information, including music and photos to an external hard drive.  He discussed what to do if you get a threat or hacked, and offered his services as a support network.  This is an issue and topic that is continuously expanding, and there is much to learn and keep up with.

Perry Kuhl, Detective with the Office of the Sheriff, County of Santa Barbara discussed a few of the scams that people are experiencing these days.  He explained some of the ways to determine if you are being scammed and gave us ways to handle our responses. Both men gave us so much information and connected us to resources, including their websites. We may have to have them come again for Part II.