Scholarship Recipients Allan Hancock College

May is when Scholarships are given out in most colleges, and our Community College, Allan Hancock College, is no exception.  This year we were fortunate enough to have 3 scholarship recipients.  These recipients must be women, with some kind of challenge in life, physical, mental, emotional, and have plans to go on to a 4 yr program.   In addition to their scholarships, we give each recipient a Student membership in AAUW for a year.  The funds for the scholarships are generated from the sale of donated items, by our dear friends, Marion and George, at the Nipomo Swap Meet, where they have their booth, Ma’s Toys and Such.  We are very grateful for their efforts to support AAUW, AHC Scholarships, and our members.  Congratulations to Alizandra Deleon, Jennifer O’Donnell, and Cassandra Camargo.