November 2014 – Meeting – The World Awaits You

The AAUW Mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. In early November we gathered to meet AAUW member, Heather Weare’s Camp Fire Girls. Members were encouraged to bring their own Camp Fire Girls memorabilia and share their story of being a Camp Fire Girl, how it helped them in life, and how it supports and is supported by the work we do in AAUW.

We met at the Knowlwood Village Clubhouse, where over 30 members and guests gathered to listen to Shannon Marshall, Community West Bank Manager speak on the subject of banking, and how to succeed in their banking future.   Shannon explained the functions of the different areas of a bank, how to open a bank account, even as a young girl, and how to open a savings account, as preparation for your life. Over refreshments, our young guests talked about places around the world they have visited or know about, and giggled as they gathered the mini banks Shannon brought to them in gift bags.